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KOBE SHIPPING GROUP. (hereinafter referred to as the "we") runs this web site (hereinafter referred to as the "this site"). Please read and be aware of the Terms of Use carefully before using this site.

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Copy Right

The copyrights of text, photos, movies, music, audio material, and other material on this site belong to us, copyrighters or people who have rights to them unless otherwise stated. It is against the law for you to copy, modify or repost text, photos, movies, music, audio material and any other material from this site without the permission from KOBE SHIPPING GROUP, copyrighters and those who have the rights to material on this site. You are required to ask for permission before using any of the material from this site. This is not applicable in case when you print or save material that will be used exclusively for personal use or when it is permitted by copyright law. Upon receiving a request to use any material from this site, such a request may be declined if it is considered as inappropriate.

About Linking our Site to You Site

The terms regarding the placing of links to and from this site may be changed without notice. Please note that you must ensure that you are aware of and follow all possible changes to the terms and conditions regarding links to and from this site.

You are required to ask for permission before placing a link to this site (with a domain from your own site. Please contact KOBE SHIPPING GROUP.(Tel: +81-78-251-7690).

We are not responsible for sites or the contents on sites that have links to this site and sites which are link from this site. The contexts of pages and pages within this site may be changed or deleted without notice, so if you are granted permission to link to this site, please link to the following address (

 We do not allow our site's link to be placed on the following sites

  • Sites that defame or discredit merchandise, services on this site, our executives or employees or confidence held in them.
  • Sites that damage the confidence held towards us or which are offensive to public order and public morals.
  • Sites that contain illegal content, were involved or may possibly be involved in illegal activities.
  • Sites that possibly cause misunderstandings such as they may lead to members of the public believing there is an association or cooperation with Kobe Shipping, acknowledgement of another or other sites or that support is being offered by Kobe Shipping to another or other sites and the companies or individuals that run them.
  • Sites that make it difficult to recognize that this site is being opened within another sites frame. Sites which lead people to believe that they are using another site when they are using this.
  • Sites that we consider to be inappropriate for any reason.

We reserve the right to request that any links to this site be deleted at any time if the above mentioned is found.