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 Group Profile(未来への推進力)

From the beginning of time human beings have looked to nature for guidance and direction.
Nature has provided the stars, the ocean currents, and the force of wind and waves and humans overtime have been able to harness these incredible forces through the art of sailing and have ventured out into the vast oceans of the world in search of new opportunities.
We, Kobe Shipping Group, through our group of companies, are venturing out into the world in search of new
opportunities that will allow us to expand our horizons and allow for our company to continue to grow.
Kobe Shipping Group is dedicated to always providing our customers with the most efficient, dedicated and reliable service possible.

The ripple effects of a safe and reliable voyage continue establish greater credibility overtime.

Kobe Shipmanagement Co., Ltd. provides total ship management services and ship-related machinery
through our many years of experience.


Smooth sailing backed up by efficient crew and proper arrangement of personnel

Hinode Kosan Co., Ltd. offers crew manning service. On a daily basis we always endeavor
to ensure a stable supply professional and reliable crew.


A reliable anchorage is like the North Star shining over
the night ocean aiding a vessels voyage home.